I'm Robert
I work on Mars!
Mars is a long drive. We'll need coffee.

Tap the white rabbit to go to White Rabbit Coffee Co. I made their website in html, css, and javascript.

Okay, where were we? Oh yeah, commuting to Mars...
We hope you enjoyed your commute. Now that we're in the office, here are some of the designs I worked on during 2015-2019 for a silicon valley startup, where my roles included design, market research, product vision, project and product management, app testing, user feedback, amateur psychologist, and screwing in lightbulbs.
Introductory onboarding screen to the TOTL Bill of Rights.

STATUE: Abe Lincoln, career politician, civil war president, abolitionist, and proponent of individual rights, until his assassination in 1865 while watching the comedy play, Our American Cousin, in Ford Theater, Washington, DC.
IN FRAME: Michelangelo, The Fall and Expulsion of Adam and Eve, 1509. Cistene Chapel.

STATUE: Ben Franklin, inventor, founding father, champion of industriousness and intellectual property rights.
IN FRAME: Abraham Bosse, Frontispiece for Hobbes’ Leviathan, 1651. Created with input from Thomas Hobbes.

STATUE: James Madison, founding father, advocate of individual rights of privacy, as opposed to the Hobbesian absolute power of the sovereign.
IN FRAME: Bob Gomel, The LIFE Picture Collection, 1968. Photo: Muhammed Ali, boxing champion, trash-talker, conscientious objector, and philanthropist.

STATUE: Tom Paine, revolutionary, author of Common Sense (1775-1776), advocating independence (from Great Britain) and egalitarian government for the Thirteen Colonies.
"Pinky Swear" icon. Designed as an informal NDA for beta users of TOTL apps. A model for ideal and transparent user-provider privacy agreements.

In Pinky Swear we trust.
LEFT: Ambassador, a mode for TOTL members to onboard users to the TOTL environment.
RIGHT: Sparko, host and user guide to an eponymous TOTL app, helping users set goals and track and visualize progress.
INSET: Bob Gomel's iconic 1968 photograph of Muhammed Ali.

FRAME: Right-handed pinky swear.
I'm an experienced front-end web developer, designer, and team collaborator with keen systems and general analytic ability. Demonstrated history of research and project coordination in the Silicon Valley startup computer software industry, and in clinical epidemiology.
I'm also not bad in the kitchen.
Skilled in html, css, javascript, Wireframing, Design, Writing (Technical and Copy), Project and Product Management, and Remote Team Management (Certified Scrum Master).
Most of all, I'm helpful, curious, and friendly.
Ph.D. from Cornell University.
User/member onboarding flows, for TOTL (top secret startup).
TOTL Timeline.
Like Google Timeline, but actually private, with more than just your route.

Email, calls, calendar, and photos. Self-writing journal. Planner. Shareable.
TOTL Private Data Vault.
Lock your data away from everyone else. Keep your gmail, google calendar, device, and contacts data to yourself. Only you have access.
Critical review of existing extrapolations from neuropsychology to political theory.

Sole author. Published in peer-reviewed journal, Theory and Event.
Tap cover to view.
Epidemiological study of the effects of influenza immunization on influenza prevalence during a one-year flu season in Canada.

Contributing author. Published in peer-reviewed journal, Clinical Infectious Diseases. Widely cited.
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Exploration of the work of Steve Paxton, pioneer of contact improvisation, its potential, and its legacy in the United States.

Sole Author. Published in NYU Tisch School of the Arts peer-reviewed journal, The Drama Review.
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All work and no play...

Let's get out of the office for a minute.
Left, in front of the high chair.
Professional modern and circus dancer from 2005-2010. Cirque du Soleil, Zero Gravity, Kristina Isabelle, Ithaca Ballet, Kat Galasso.